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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Helping Church Planters

The Lord has equipped my wife and I with the ability to HELP CHURCH PLANTERS and CHURCHES already on the reservations in every area of the ministry, such as:
Bus Ministry, Bible Studies, Door to Door Survey, Soul-Winning, Pulpit Supply(with confidence) for pastors to take much needed time to visit supporting churches, or any other reason he must be away from his pulpit. Bro. Withrow and his wife are "Reliable"and "Dependable" and will give their best for God's work.
If we can be of a "HELP" to your ministry, Please contact Bro. Withrow @; Cell Phone:
[419-305-4521] or Home phone: [419-586-5154] or by

Our Confidence IS in the Lord. Romans 10:14

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